13 Investigates Vegas homeowners say misleading liens have them on edge Darcy Spears 11:27 PM - KTNV Las Vegas

13 Investigates Vegas homeowners say misleading liens have them on edge Darcy Spears 11:27 PM - KTNV Las Vegas

13 Investigates Vegas homeowners say misleading liens have them on edge Darcy Spears 11:27 PM - KTNV Las Vegas

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 11:27 PM PST

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Homeowners claim a Las Vegas restoration company is tricking them into signing contracts, over charging and filing liens against their homes which could lead to foreclosure.

It starts with a possible leak in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink. But that's just the first drop in a bewildering bucket.

Now several Las Vegas homeowners are reaching out to 13 Investigates, shocked that they could lose their homes over disputes with a contractor.

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Contractors can put a lien on a home when a homeowner doesn't pay in full for the work. It's a first step in the legal process that could lead to a judge forcing you to sell your home to pay off the bill.

13 Investigates found one Las Vegas contractor who some customers claim tricked them into signing contracts, and then was quick to file liens on their home

"It's the most intimidating document that I have actually got in my life," said homeowner Julia Nikolova.

The document had a devastating demand, according to Nikolova, and delivered just days after Christmas.

"It says that we have to pay $19,491 immediately. Otherwise, they are going to proceed with foreclosure on the mechanical lien on our property, and we have to pay this within 15 days," Nikolova said.

In early December, she thought she was facing a simple inconvenience.

"There was a leak underneath the sink," Nikolova said.

A referral to Rooter-Man plumbing brought a contractor to her Mountain's Edge home.

Her daughter co-owns the house and was there when Rooter-Man told her water damage was severe, and they needed to start work immediately.

"He said it would cost you $7,500 to finance the whole project, including rebuilding the kitchen," Nikolova said.

She also said they recommended a company called Bolmer Restoration, owned by Eduardo Arredondo.

"They asked my daughter to sign a one-page authorization to work with our insurance," Nikolova said. "And that one page was on a cell phone."

Bolmer Restoration started tearing her kitchen apart and then sent her a document via certified mail. Her daughter's one signature had been electronically copied on 13 pages of what looks like a contract but with no estimates of cost - instead "to-be-determined" listed as TBD nearly two dozen times.

"We were not to provide the estimate to the homeowner," says a former Bolmer employee. He agreed to speak to 13 Investigates on condition of anonymity because he doesn't want to be implicated in what was going on.

"When I started getting copied on the emails and saw that there was a formula and a budget before there was an estimate, that's when I realized something was wrong," the former employee said.

The most significant wrong, he says, is what he calls a predatory lien practice. The Clark County Recorder's website shows Bolmer has filed hundreds of liens against Las Vegas homeowners since 2014.

The former employee says the often five-figure demands come from a formula, not the actual measurements and observations from a particular job. He says the company's standard practice was to manufacture a budget by manipulating a bill to get the desired number.

"And just to use an example for easy math: if he spent $600 in labor costs to mop up and dry out the flooring and cutting away the drywall, he would divide that by .06. He would get the number $10,000. That would become the budget. And then it was up to the estimator to work that budget back into the software program," the former employee said.

Bolmer Restoration owner Eduardo Arredondo declined a 13 Investigates interview, but did send the following statement:

"For more than ten years, our company has had the privilege of providing quality work for thousands of Nevadans. We strive to treat each customer with the utmost integrity and respect and are prepared to listen to and address these customer concerns."

Homeowners told 13 Investigates their concerns have not been addressed.

"This intimidation, these constant threats is what I've experienced," Nikolova said.

She has also filed a formal complaint with the Nevada Contractors Board.

And 13 Investigates watched as Arredondo showed up for a meeting at her home with a board investigator and then hurriedly left afterward.

The state's investigation remains ongoing, and 13 Investigates learned the contractor's board reopened as other homeowner complaints against Bolmer surfaced after 13 Action News started asking questions.

"I think in total this is suspect," attorney Bruce Flammey said.

The contractor's board wouldn't talk about Bolmer due to their ongoing investigation. So, 13 Investigates asked Flammey to evaluate Bolmer's tactics. He said homeowners don't have to look far to find fault.

"You can't be tricked into signing a bad contract because that would be fraud," Flammey said. "And fraud in the inducement to sign is one of the ways you can set that contract aside."

The homeowners 13 Investigates talked to thought they were signing work authorizations, not contracts. Flammey also said contracts are supposed to be fair, open, and specific.

"If the scope of the work and the price are not filled in, you don't have a contract, in my opinion," Flammey explained.

Julia Nikolova said she is not giving up her fight.

"I am very disappointed to see that a contractor can do a customer wrong in so many ways," Nikolova said. "And that they can try to foreclose on your home without any legal justification - just for a frivolous lien - it is very scary."

13 Investigates asked Clark County Recorder Debbie Conway why it's so easy for a company to file a lien against your home, and she provided the following information:

In response to your inquiry, this particular question comes up on a regular basis. The lien is just one of the documents that our office is required under the NRS statute to record if the document meets the recording requirements as outlined under NRS 247.

If a lien is filed fraudulently against a property, hiring an attorney is one recourse, but it is not the only recourse. The Attorney General's office has a fraud unit that conducts investigations involving fraudulent acts. Metro and the FBI will investigate such allegations as well. If asked about such matters, our managers often provide this information to the public and will refer them to the proper authorities. We also refer senior citizens to Nevada Legal Services for free consultation and assistance.

Our office provides the investigators with copies of the recorded document which serves as proof of intent to commit fraud. If a person has a lien filed against their property and they feel that the lien is without merit and the intent was to commit fraud, then they can contact the proper authorities for assistance.

Recording a document does not make it legal. The courts determine the legality of the document. The Deputy Recorders are prohibited by law to provide legal advice. The Deputy Recorder's responsibility is to record the document based upon the law and recording requirements.

The Recorder's Office is a member of the Fight Fraud Task Force which also includes representatives from Metro, the FBI, the Attorney General's Office, HUD investigators, the State of Nevada, our District Attorney's Office, and other investigative agencies. When an individual records a lien against a property and it turns out to be fraudulent, they are subject to investigation and/or prosecution by one of these Task Force agencies.

So there is a deterrent for breaking the law, because filing an invalid lien is a punishable offense. Our office was advised by the AG's office that we are to record the document according to the law, because without the recorded document, the AG is unable to prove intent and subsequently prosecute.

Our Managers, as a member of the Fight Fraud Task Force, are trained to report and submit suspicious documents to our District Attorney who in turn works with other Task Force members to investigate.

We have personally contacted the authorities (Metro, FBI), on occasion, on behalf of the individual property owner and have witnessed the authority figure in turn contact the perpetrator and within a day or so the perpetrator will come into our office and release the lien.

Currently our office is working on a project that will be implemented in the future and free to the public called a notification service. Property owners will be able to provide us with their email address and parcel number so that when a document is recorded on that parcel number, the owner will be notified via email.

Mark Twain National Forest's Riverton Boat Launch Revitalized - Douglas County Herald

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 01:55 AM PST

ROLLA, Mo. (Jan. 31, 2020) – Mark Twain National Forest engineers have been working closely with contractors to revitalize the Riverton East boat launch.  Improvements at the site will allow water enthusiasts to enjoy launching their fishing boats, kayaks, and canoes for decades to come.  

Riverton East Access is a on the left side of the Eleven Point River at 35.6 miles. This popular access is located just off State Highway 160 in Riverton, Mo at Riverton Bridge. The access is 7.6 miles downriver of Whitten. This is a developed site that provides a paved roadway to a boat ramp, parking area, canoe launch and a vault toilet. This access is utilized by both motorized and non-motorized boat users. There is no camping at the site, and trash facilities are only available from May 1 to Sept 30.

The project consists of two objectives.  The first objective is to restore water access points that were undercut and damaged from the 2017 flood event.  The second part of revitalizing the site is to repave the parking area to make watercraft launching a smooth experience for visitors.  Contractors have already finished the first phase, and repaving is scheduled to happen as soon as weather allows.

The restoration of the boat launch was an impressive feat by the contractor that won the bid for the project.  The old structure became undercut by swirling waters during the record flood event of 2017.  Per the contract, designed by MTNF engineers, the contractor replaced the flood-damaged boat ramp with a new type of ramp that is expected to be very tough and resistant to flood damage. 

The old ramp had seen many decades of use and probably experienced some damage from previous flood events.  Contractors discovered the old concrete ramp had been poured on top of large timbers when they removed the remains of the old concrete launch.  These timbers had held up remarkably well over time in the fresh water of the river; but created a weak point for eddy currents to undercut during the flood events.  The new boat ramps use interlocking, concrete segments; and these pre-tensioned concrete segments are held in place by multiple 10-foot long sections of rebar driven through the ramp into the soil and rock below.  The new ramp should serve the public for a very long time.

"This repair project is a great example of our commitment to providing safe, sustainable recreation opportunities that meet the needs of the people we serve," says Forest Supervisor Sherri Schwenke.

The undercut banks of the canoe launch area and retaining wall were also repaired as part of the contract.  The new canoe/kayak launch area should be very useful to visitors who want to easily get their non-motorized craft into, and out of, the water without competing with motorized boat launching at the main ramp.

Re-paving of the site should happen as soon as the weather is warm enough to allow for new pavement to set. This project will include scraping the top two inches of pavement from the site, mixing that material with fresh pavement, and resurfacing the entire parking lot and paved portions leading to the boat ramp. 

Celena McElroy, lead engineer on the project, notes  "We can't wait to get this site back up and running for the public to enjoy, and we are doing everything we can to make sure it has the best chance to survive future flood events," she stated.

To learn more about the Riverton East recreation site, go online to https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mtnf/recreation/recarea/?recid=21702&actid=78.

Las Vegas Emergency Residential Commercial Restoration Services - MENAFN.COM

Posted: 22 Jan 2020 04:54 PM PST

(MENAFN - GetNews)

When your business is encountering a water emergency, you want experts performing your commercial water damage restoration. Your business is the most valuable thing to you, and keeping the lights on and your business open, is what our professionals know how to do. With our years of experience performing hundreds of complex commercial water damage jobs in offices, industrial buildings, retail storefronts, apartment complexes, we have acquired skills and strategies to produce the most complex water damage restoration. Services that are so complex that other companies might shy away from them, we jump in wholeheartedly. We send our technicians the annual training courses to keep them up-to-date and informed on the newest strategies, techniques, and products to assist them in water damage services. Our skilled technicians know about all things water damage, including restoration, repair, removal, extraction, drying, and cleanup. No matter what sort of commercial water damage services you need to be completed, ceiling repair, bathroom restoration, drywall removal, we can finish 100%. Our technicians are skilled with hallway clean up, Bedroom extraction, we can provide each of the services here at SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV.

How is commercial water removal different than residential water removal?

Commercial water removal is more challenging because of the size, also the multiple stories that get affected during a water damage. Industrial buildings are a clear example of how water damage can affect a large size area that might need several hundred fans. We send our technicians to annual training courses to keep them up-to-date on the best techniques and skills to ensure we can provide water removal on your property faster than our competitors. Ultimately being able to provide the most reliable water removal services for commercial and residential customers is the priority here at SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV: https://superbestwaterdamagefloodrepair.com/commercial-water-damage-las-vegas/

Each day we set out to be the most dependable water damage restoration company and removal business in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson.

Get the job done the 1st time correctly with SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV!

Our technicians are well trained; we always get the job completed the 1st time correctly. Completing the task is partly due to our skilled restoration technicians providing services and getting the job done effectively and partially because our management oversees everything with a fine comb once our restoration technicians have signed off. Having these two teams that go over the results of the property before it's ultimately signed off ensures that the customer always gets a completed service. Delivering your business back to you at 100% is the goal every time here at SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV.

Why choose SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV?

We prioritize three distinctive aspects and our business here in Las Vegas. These three aspects include high-quality customer service, exceptional restoration work, and clear communication. By prioritizing these three aspects of our business, our customers have noticed. We've heard things from our customers like 'you're the best damage restoration company in town; 'you're the only contractor I've ever worked with that cared; 'I'm so glad that you guys took care of my business and no one else. 

Having this high praise has been rewarding, but we haven't decreased our efforts. We continue to learn how to become a more dependable local damage restoration company. Our reviews throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin say that we're the most trustworthy regional water damage company.

Contact SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV 

If you require water damage services or water damage repair, please don't hesitate to give us a call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV location is 889 South Rainbow Blvd #739, Summerlin Las Vegas, NV 89145. SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV phone number is 702-381-5696.

Media Contact
Company Name: SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV
Contact Person: Management
Email: Send Email
Phone: 702-381-5696
Address: 889 South Rainbow blvd #739
City: Las Vegas
State: NV 89145
Country: United States
Website: https://superbestwaterdamagefloodrepair.com/las-vegas-water-restoration/



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