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Carpet cleaner says competitor tricked customers - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Carpet cleaner says competitor tricked customers - Minneapolis Star TribuneCarpet cleaner says competitor tricked customers - Minneapolis Star TribunePosted: 31 Aug 2013 12:00 AM PDT With her daughter's birthday party coming up, Kristin Jaakola wanted the carpet in her Ham Lake home to get professionally cleaned. In March, her husband Googled Zerorez, a company that they had used before, to find its phone number.The Jaakolas called and made an appointment with what they thought was Zerorez. Then they realized, too late, that they had actually hired a different company, Distinctive Cleaning, that had found a way to steer Google searches for Zerorez to itself."We definitely learned our lesson to really look at what you are Googling," Jaakola said. "My husband was so convinced that was who he called."Zerorez, which calls itself Minnesota's biggest carpet cleaner, said what happened to the Jaakolas goes beyond spirited competition. Last week Zerorez filed a fede…

Angie's List: Cleaning up your home after major water damage - KSFY

Angie's List: Cleaning up your home after major water damage - KSFY

Angie's List: Cleaning up your home after major water damage - KSFY

Posted: 01 Oct 2019 03:03 AM PDT

Many people prepare for the possibility of a house fire. Smoke detectors are installed and fire extinguishers are purchased. But water damage from a burst pipe or failed appliance is actually five times more likely to happen.

Water damage is the second most-common reason homeowners file an insurance claim, which costs insurance companies about $3.5 billion every year. Broken pipes and overflowing tubs and toilets are the main culprits. A quick reaction is key to the clean-up effort.

"You want to take action right away, so as soon as you realize it, start removing any items that can be removed and get fans blowing in the area so you can start to dry it out," Angie Hicks said, who is the founder of Angie's List.

"Optimally, we will dry out a structure in three days. So we come out, extract the water, place drying equipment and then we check back the following days to make sure it's drying properly," Jennifer Mauck said, who is with Langenwalter Carpet Cleaning.

Three days is a best-case scenario. If cabinets or drywall gets wet, more gear and labor is required to prevent the possibility of mold.

"We drill holes in the wall and then force air into the area behind the wall. Mold likes to grow in dark, no-air-movement, warm places," Mauck said.

If there's significant damage, Angie's List strongly recommends hiring a certified restoration professional with the equipment and experience to get you dried out but check credentials carefully before hiring. A
reputable pro will be available any day of the week, even in the middle of the night. They should help you document all items to aid your insurance claim.

"We take a lot of pictures. We talk through things with the homeowner as we're pulling stuff out of a basement and putting it upstairs or in the garage. We go through and catalogue things with the homeowner," Mauck said.

Angie said if you have carpet that gets saturated, toss it and buy new. Also, if you store items in the basement, use plastic tubs instead of cardboard boxes or paper bags, and opt for area rugs instead of
wall-to-wall carpet. If you don't have a sump pump, get one and check it regularly to make sure it works properly.


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