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Moving news further into the digital age - Mount Airy News

Moving news further into the digital age - Mount Airy NewsMoving news further into the digital age - Mount Airy NewsPosted: 07 Jul 2020 05:35 AM PDTHurleyTurbulent 2020. Challenging and scary. Record-breaking. Pandemic, worse than a recession, stores and tourist destinations closed. These are terms we didn't pepper in our conversations at the turn of the new year. Goodness, that seems so long ago.Who would have thought that finding toilet paper and hand sanitizer would be a major mission when shopping? And if you had told your friends that no one would be in our churches for several weeks or even months, and especially Easter Sunday, you would have been laughed out of the room.Prior to COVID-19, discussions were different. Business was different and the way we work, play and live, was different. But turbulent times make us stronger, and resilient. We see this every day in our neighborhoods. Anniversaries, birthdays, and just saying hello to an elderly friend are reasons to have a …

Warwick Business Owner Wins PuroClean Award - Warwick Post

Warwick Business Owner Wins PuroClean Award  Warwick Post

WARWICK, RI — Chris Sanford, owner of PuroClean Disaster Restoration in Warwick, was recently awarded PuroClean's Brand Promise Award at the ...


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