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Royal Dry Cleaners turns to HiGlo - Laundry and Cleaning News

Royal Dry Cleaners turns to HiGlo - Laundry and Cleaning News

Royal Dry Cleaners turns to HiGlo - Laundry and Cleaning News

Posted: 13 Aug 2019 01:35 AM PDT

13 August 2019

COMPLEX CLEANING: Cole & Wilson's Hemant Zavery is pictured with Vinod Chauhan, director of Royal Dry Cleaners and the team


Cole & Wilson introduced its unique all-round drycleaning solvent, HiGlo, into the UK in 2015 as an innovative alternative to the more traditional perchlorethylene. Royal Dry Cleaners, based in Leicester, handles a large amount of specialist garments every week, where 90% of their business is drycleaning due to the complex and delicate nature of the articles they take in to clean.

Developed by Cole & Wilson, part of the Christeyns UK group, HiGlo is designed to tackle delicate fabrics and offers excellent cleaning in all types of multi-solvent or hydrocarbon drycleaning machines.

Vinod Chauhan is the director of Royal Dry Cleaners, which specialises in the drycleaning of Asian clothing and the restoration of garments damaged by fire or flood.  "Due to the nature of clothing from Indian manufacturers, we have no reassurance on how the fabric will wash therefore it is safer to dry clean.  With HiGlo we can tackle dirt and stains but still be gentle on the fabric itself, which is usually highly beaded and decorated."

Royal also deal with smoke and water damaged clothing due to fire and flood, taking in consignments from all across the country. The company is a member of Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN), an international organisation of highly trained professional textile restoration experts.

"We have been very pleased with the results after using HiGlo for six weeks now," said Vinod. "Cole & Wilson's expert technical team, guided us in this new process, programming and setting up the drycleaning machine. Garments are definitely brighter, a softer handle, with a pleasant smell.  In the longer term, we plan to move more of our machines onto HiGlo."

Cleaning with HiGlo requires a normal process time of around 50-65 minutes and due to the nature of the solvent the garments come out crease free, meaning reduced time needs to be spent on finishing.

Royal runs three shops in the Leicester area as well as a processing unit and Christeyns has provided training on HiGlo for all the company's staff.


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