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Midland County releases flooding update and list of resources - nbc25news.com

Midland County releases flooding update and list of resources - nbc25news.comMidland County releases flooding update and list of resources - nbc25news.comPosted: 30 May 2020 02:41 PM PDT[unable to retrieve full-text content][unable to retrieve full-text content]Midland County releases flooding update and list of resourcesnbc25news.com You are subscribed to email updates from "fire and flood restoration companies,fire and water damage restoration companies,flood cleaning" - Google News.
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San Diego Water Damage Restoration Company: Top Six Causes of Water Damage - Press Release - Digital Journal

San Diego Water Damage Restoration Company: Top Six Causes of Water Damage - Press Release - Digital Journal

San Diego Water Damage Restoration Company: Top Six Causes of Water Damage - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 29 May 2019 08:31 PM PDT

The biggest culprits for water damage are leaking pipes and plumbing issues. However, this is not all – the leading service provider in San Diego – Pacific Flood Restoration – shares the top 6 causes of water damage.

Pacific Flood Restoration, a water remediation services company serving San Diego and the surrounding areas has been in the business for over 10 years. Now, they can list the major sources for water damage in homes to help homeowners and business owners protect their property.

"Most of the work we do for water damage cleanup in San Diego, CA has to do with plumbing," said Michael Damico, principal of Pacific Flood Restoration.

The biggest culprits for water damage are leaking pipes and plumbing issues. There are a variety of reasons for each. Some who live in southern California do not realize it, but what plants they use around their homes can cause problems. The roots can work their way into the septic and draining systems, causing clogs and backups.

Other issues include basement and attic problems, often following catastrophic storms and weather.  Each of these can be fairly common in San Diego.

"The final culprits are the home appliances and HVAC systems. The HVAC system, for example, has a drain pan. Algae can grow in the drain pan and clog the drains. Water from the condensation backs up into the pan and leaks into the home's ceiling. This is major damage in most circumstances," continued Michael Damico – Principal at Pacific Flood Restoration, the leading San Diego water damage service provider.

Pacific Flood Restoration fixes water damage from all of these sources. The company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year long. Their emergency services often help prevent minor water damage from becoming severe and displacing a family for what can be a significant amount of time.

More information, including examples of pre and post work, is available on the website. Visit www.pacificflood.com for details.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pacific Flood Restoration LLC
Contact Person: Michael Damico
Email: Send Email
Phone: 760-815-3033
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.pacificflood.com

'The scariest thing I've ever been through:' Children survived powerful tornado by sheltering inside church bathrooms - AccuWeather.com

Posted: 30 May 2019 12:13 AM PDT

[unable to retrieve full-text content]'The scariest thing I've ever been through:' Children survived powerful tornado by sheltering inside church bathrooms  AccuWeather.com

Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding communities have begun the road to recovery after at least five tornadoes ripped through the state late Monday night into early ...

60K still without water after storms - WDTN.com

Posted: 29 May 2019 07:27 AM PDT

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - Montgomery County officials say their entire system remains under a boil advisory. DP&L and City of Dayton crews continue to work throughout the day and night to restore services to those who have lost water pressure dure to power loss at the City of Dayton water plants.

Dayton's total water production is normally 65 million gallons per day. At last update around 3 pm, about 40 million gallons per day are being pumped.

County officials say they do not have a specific time for water restoration.

They continue to urge those who do have water to conserve whenever possible. More people could lose service if this is does not happen.

Many calls are coming in to their dispatch centers concerning replacement tanks for home oxygen. You are asked to use your oxygen supplier to request refills. Your equipment should have a telephone number on it that you can call to request service.

Do not call 911 or use hospital emergency departments unless you are unable to get a new oxygen supply, you are running low, or you experience difficulty or issues breathing.

12:40 pm

The city of Dayton held a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday morning to address the water and damage situation in the area.

The city, as well as Montgomery County, continues to be under a boil advisory. Officials from both the county and the city have asked local citizens to conserve as much water as possible, with 60,000 local customers still without water.

There are over 1,400 trees impacting Dayton area streets and traffic flow. According to Public Works Director Fred Stovall, it'll be a long process to completely clear the roadways.

"It's not going to be days," Stovall said. "It's probably going to be weeks. This is going to be a humongous effort to manage through this with our resources so I'm just asking everyone to be patient."

10:26 a.m.

The City of Dayton continued its work on Wednesday morning to restore full water service to customers that are without water following Monday night's tornado outbreak.

According to the city, approximately 60,000 customers were still without water as of Wednesday morning as Dayton Power & Light crews continue to work.

As of Wednesday morning, the city's water production was pumping at 40 million gallons a day as opposed to the normal 65 million gallons a day. The 40 million gallons have been filling the low part of the system, allowing the city to serve two-thirds of the customers.

Power has been restored to one of the two well fields, while the second one is being powered by a backup generator, the city said.

The city expects to increase water volume into the system once power is restored to the Ottawa pump station.

If the water quality tests come back clean, the city hopes to list the boil advisory to the low service area. The city is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate the lifting of the boil advisory.

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Norfolk Water Damage Repair Announces Norfolk, VA Water Damage Restoration And Repair - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 22 May 2019 09:21 AM PDT

Water damage restoration company, Norfolk Water Damage Repair have announced their new water and mildew damage remediation service is designed for people who live in the Norfolk, VA that have been affected by water and water damage. The service expands on the company's reputation as the leader in all water damage and fire restoration services in the region and surrounding counties.

The company makes a point of standing out from the crowd when compared to other water damage companies and experts in the area and works hard at its reputation as the best of the best.

The company team has been serving the area since 2012 with its water damage repairs and recently added mold damage restoration to its portfolio. To date, it has served dozens of customers and has become recognized as one of the most reliable contractor companies in the state.

With many months of preparing technicians with the best equipment, the company is now 100% operational and repairing water damage as well as other disaster services like mold damage and fire damage restorations with their high-quality services to anyone who suffers flood or fire damage.

The owner of the company also said: "Many families who suffered water damage from the floods of this year are now seeing cases of mold growth in these damp environments and we aim to help them get rid of it and get it remedied fast."

The company states that they have recently expanded their service area to now include the entire Norfolk, VA and county area. The owner says that they do their very best to provide their customers with same day services and quotes. They state that they will come and clean up any water or mildew mess in no time.

After floods in recent months, the company is working hard to help local residents get their homes back to how they were and now offers to assist them with water and mold remediation services.


For more information about Norfolk Water Damage Repair, contact the company here:

Norfolk Water Damage Repair
(757) 702-8487
Norfolk, VA 23505


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