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“USS Arizona: The men who survived -” plus 1 more

“USS Arizona: The men who survived -” plus 1 more USS Arizona: The men who survived - Posted: 24 May 2019 06:19 PM PDT Editor's note: This story originally published in 2014, as part of a special report about the USS Arizona and the living survivors of the attack on the ship. Read more about the ship and the attack that sank it. Lou Conter In 1941: Quartermaster 3rd Class Share This Story GRASS VALLEY, Calif. Lou Conter is telling the story of the night his patrol bomber was shot down seven miles off the coast of New Guinea, dumping the seaplane's 10-man crew into the Pacific Ocean. The crew was not alone in the water. "We had 10 or 12 sharks around us all the time," Conter says. "I told the men, 'If a shark comes close, hit it in the nose with your fist as hard as you can.'" The men stayed afloat unti