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water damage restoration service

water damage restoration service

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services now in Henderson - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 01 Mar 2019 10:02 AM PST

What makes a water damage repair business the best?  First, the consumer wants to know they are dealing with experts and people who know how to get the job done.  Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem is that company.  Working with the best water damage repair business, the owner can expect a one-hour response time, reliability (team members will show up when expected and they know how to do the job), free estimates, direct insurance billing, and reasonable and competitive pricing.  Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem is family owned which means they know the local communities and how to perform restoration repairs caused by water damage in Las Vegas and Henderson.

The first contact starts the cleanup and restoration activities.  Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem will inspect and validate the water source to make sure the flooding has stopped.  Other areas will be sealed off to prevent further damage.  Affected areas will be monitored daily to ensure the drying process is working as designed.  Using the truck mounted water extraction system and pumps, water will be extracted.  All damaged areas will be evaluated, and the team will provide details about restoring damaged property.

Choosing Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem Starts the Cleanup Immediately

Your team will assess the damages to floors, walls, drapes and furniture and then walk the home or business owner through each step of the cleanup and remediation process.  There will be no surprises.  You will be confident about each step because of the many years of solid experience the team members from Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem demonstrate.  They have dealt with every kind of water and fire damage and the team knows how to solve problems.

For more information or inquiries about Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem or to get in touch, log onto their website below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Best Water Damage Repair Experts Anthem
Contact Person: Bridget Jones
Email: Send Email
Phone: 702 637 0798
Address:2550 Anthem Village Dr. Suite E – 310a
City: Henderson
State: NV 89052
Country: United States

Affordable Water Restoration is the Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company in Fort Myers, FL - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 25 Feb 2019 11:42 AM PST

Fort Myers, FL - Affordable Water Restoration has been providing the service of water damage restoration to homes and businesses in and around Fort Myers, FL for years. As the leading provider of water damage restoration services in the area, Affordable Water Restoration has earned for themselves stellar reviews from past clients whom they have helped regain control of their indoor space affected by water damages.

Boasting of years of experience in the industry, Affordable Water Restoration has over the years fine-tuned their services to ensure that their customers are provided with prompt service, aimed at restoring their property to its original condition before the water disaster. Committed to protecting their reputation and delivering a service quality which is 100 percent satisfactory, Affordable Water Restoration boast of a team of well-trained and highly skilled technicians who are armed with state-of-the-art water damage restoration tools and equipment to make each project handled a success.

Describing the company providing restoration services for Water damage in Fort Myers, FL, the spokesperson for Affordable Water Restoration said, "Affordable Water Restoration is a 24-hr disaster and restoration company that is based throughout Southwest Florida and built on customer service. We will bill the insurance company directly and you will not have any upfront costs. Our commitment is to go above and beyond your satisfaction. Our team of professionals will treat your house as if it were our own. All of our employees are certified professionals. We're proud to be family-owned and operated. Our company is IICRC Certified and Home Advisor screened and approved."

Committed to better serving their community, the locally-owned company boasts of highly trained and insured staff capable of attending to all water damage restoration needs at all hours of the day and night. Taking into consideration that water damages may lead to a bunch of other disasters, their property restoration team also offers mold remediation services which are guaranteed to combat mold issues in the home, improve indoor air quality, and overall reduce health risks associated with molds.

In addition to their water damage restoration and mold remediation services, Affordable Water Restoration also offers air quality testing services, emergency restoration services, flood damage restoration services, sewage clean up services, and more.

Working directly with the customer's insurance company, Affordable Water Restoration aims to reduce the financial strains and hassles associated with such disasters as water damage in the home or business place.

Affordable Water Restoration is located at 11300 Lindbergh Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33913. For emergency bookings and to get the best property restoration services, contact their team via phone at (239) 645-7472 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Affordable Water Restoration
Contact Person: Anthony Oliveira
Email: Send Email
Phone: (239) 645-7472
Address:11300 Lindbergh Blvd
City: Fort Myers
State: Florida
Country: United States

City Crews Tackle Storm Drains in Superior, Cleaning Businesses Prep for Flooding - FOX 21 Online

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 03:55 PM PDT

City of Superior and SERVPRO of Twin Ports Share Tips and Tricks

SUPERIOR, Wis.- There are 3067 storm drains, 91 miles of sewer, and 181 miles of ditches, swales and culverts in the City of Superior.

Now crews are rushing to have those near homes clear, before any flooding can begin.

"If that drain gets plugged up, whether it's plugged up with debris like leaves, grass, sticks, garbage, or ice like we're dealing with right now, that means the water will back up into the streets."

Water Resources Program Coordinator Andrea Crouse accompanies a crew tackling a storm drain near Faxon Creek.

Streets aren't the only places in danger of flooding.

"Can cause icy areas and dangers for traffic, pedestrians, in worst case scenarios it can even back that water up into people's homes."

So the crew uses jets of hot steam and ice picks to clear these drains, some as deep as 16 feet, so water can flow freely.

"These drains go directly to a stream, right here we're by Faxon Creek so this drain behind us is taking all of the snow melt and rainwater into Faxon Creek," Crouse said.

But with over 3 thousand drains throughout the city, crews can't be everywhere.

And flooding can happen to more than just your basement.

"Egress windows on the side of the house that tend to fill up with water, so you need to monitor any place that water could potentially come into your house from the outside," said Kevin Buck.

Buck owns SERVPRO of the Twin Ports, a water damage restoration service.

He's seen water enter from a variety of places.

"If you have ice dams especially if it's raining at the same time, be aware that water works its way back up underneath your shingles and it can drip down into your attic and effect your insulation and can also get into your walls," Buck said.

If you notice water in your house, Buck advises you to clear it fast, before mold can set in.

"We have a window of about 4 days, 3–5 days from the time that water damage comes to the time that mold starts to become a problem," he said.

Unfortunately, runoff through drains into streams can carry  salt, hurting the aquatic life.

But later on this month, the City of Superior will be holding training for contractors to properly work on storm drains, to prevent corrosion and runoff on construction sites.

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San Diego Flood Damage: Cases So Severe Require All Hands On Deck - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 05:11 PM PDT

Severe water damage in San Diego requires professionals with real dedication to the job. This is a case for the majority of cases for the Pacific Flood Restoration team.

"We are a 24/7 company because water does not have an eight to five schedule with weekends off. As a water remediation service provider, we need immediate attention before more serious problems, like mold, set in," said Michael Damico.

It is common for a large home to get flooded due to a leak. However, it is not always the case that most of the house gets damaged seriously. When Pacific Flood Restoration team arrives to the home, and, after the initial inspection, finds the leak having done significant damage to different parts of the the home, including dining room, living room, kitchen, family room and bedrooms – the situation is serious. In cases like this, it is not uncommon for the team to have more than one type of flooring to address.

"The average home's flooring is a mixture of hardwood, rugs and carpet. Carpet and rugs are often easy to deal with, but hardwood flooring is a completely different problem. Water can seep into the wood and spread easily. This causes ugly stains in the wood grain," said Michael Damico.

Most water damage restoration services in San Diego only take a few days because of the intense equipment used to dry out the damage. This is usually not the case with more complex projects as described above.

"There may so much water soaked in that the dryout process usually takes more than a week.  This is a good bit of time for a family to be displaced and inconvenienced," said Michael Damico.

This degree of water damage in San Diego is not very common. All employees are on hand to help in such cases because of the damage being so great. The team works tirelessly and are able to get the job done completely in a timely manner to help the family get back into their home as soon as possible.

"It is never pleasant to be displaced for any length of time. This type of situation is an extraordinary job that requires extraordinary service. This is why so many are helping out with the job in cases like this," said Michael Damico.

Pacific Flood Restoration is one of the leading damage repair companies in San Diego and the surrounding areas. For more information, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Pacific Flood Restoration LLC
Contact Person: Michael Damico
Email: Send Email
Phone: 760-815-3033
State: California
Country: United States

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