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carpet water damage restoration

carpet water damage restoration

San Diego Flood Damage: Cases So Severe Require All Hands On Deck - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 05:11 PM PDT

Severe water damage in San Diego requires professionals with real dedication to the job. This is a case for the majority of cases for the Pacific Flood Restoration team.

"We are a 24/7 company because water does not have an eight to five schedule with weekends off. As a water remediation service provider, we need immediate attention before more serious problems, like mold, set in," said Michael Damico.

It is common for a large home to get flooded due to a leak. However, it is not always the case that most of the house gets damaged seriously. When Pacific Flood Restoration team arrives to the home, and, after the initial inspection, finds the leak having done significant damage to different parts of the the home, including dining room, living room, kitchen, family room and bedrooms – the situation is serious. In cases like this, it is not uncommon for the team to have more than one type of flooring to address.

"The average home's flooring is a mixture of hardwood, rugs and carpet. Carpet and rugs are often easy to deal with, but hardwood flooring is a completely different problem. Water can seep into the wood and spread easily. This causes ugly stains in the wood grain," said Michael Damico.

Most water damage restoration services in San Diego only take a few days because of the intense equipment used to dry out the damage. This is usually not the case with more complex projects as described above.

"There may so much water soaked in that the dryout process usually takes more than a week.  This is a good bit of time for a family to be displaced and inconvenienced," said Michael Damico.

This degree of water damage in San Diego is not very common. All employees are on hand to help in such cases because of the damage being so great. The team works tirelessly and are able to get the job done completely in a timely manner to help the family get back into their home as soon as possible.

"It is never pleasant to be displaced for any length of time. This type of situation is an extraordinary job that requires extraordinary service. This is why so many are helping out with the job in cases like this," said Michael Damico.

Pacific Flood Restoration is one of the leading damage repair companies in San Diego and the surrounding areas. For more information, visit

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