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carpet water damage restoration

carpet water damage restoration

The San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company, Topaz Cleaning and Restoration Has Hit a 20-Year Milestone With Angie's List - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 01 Feb 2019 06:15 AM PST

San Antonio, TX - Topaz Cleaning and Restoration, a top home cleaning, restoration, and maintenance company has just hit twenty (20) years of serving the community and being on Angie's List. As part of their celebration, they are offering amazing price packages for their cleaning and restoration services to residents in the community.

Topaz Cleaning and Restoration was built around the concept of keeping homes cleaner and safer. Over the years, their entire focus has been on how to tidy up homes, keep them looking fresh, and avoid the risk of contaminant infestation. In view of this, the management of their company has been taking sensible steps and actions to express and fulfil their mission through daily operations.

They have highly trained and professional cleaning teams that get all cleaning services done right. Their team focuses on serving three classes of individuals; individuals who have just had damages at their home and need a restoration company to help them get back on track. They also serve individuals who have hectic busy schedules and need a helping hand in cleaning their home. Finally, their services support new movers.

As a leading cleaning and restoration company, they use high-quality materials and techniques to make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned, sparkling with light. They provide regular cleaning services to take care of the home and keep it in perfect order. Integrity, teamwork, and excellence are the banners that run their business. The following are the services provided by their company:  

  • Water Damage Restoration: Helping to get rid of moisture and cleaning other items that may have been damaged as a result of water damage problems at the home. They also offer services for water damage restoration San Antonio TX.

  • Upholstery Cleaning: Superb furniture cleaning service that removes stains and odors from soiled silk curtains to smelly worn sofas. Furniture items include natural upholstery, synthetic fabrics, silk, leather, wool, nylon, and others.

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning: A deeper level San Antonio Carpet Cleaning that helps to make worn-out, soiled carpets look like new. Professional grout cleaning is also provided for grout that has turned yellow or brown.

  • Air Ducts/Dryer Ventilation Cleaning: Avoiding the breeding of germs and bacteria in darker areas of the home, such as the air ducts and the dryer vent. By keeping these areas cleaned, it makes the home safer and healthier.

Topaz Cleaning and Restoration is located at 4246 Gatecrest, San Antonio, TX 78217. For inquiries, contact their team via phone at 210-653-9699 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Topaz Cleaning and Restoration
Contact Person: Earnest Glenn
Email: Send Email
Phone: 210-653-9699
Address:4246 Gatecrest
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
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America's Restoration Pros Voted Best Water Damage Restoration Company of Riverside in Recent Customer Survey - Press Release - Digital Journal

Posted: 06 Feb 2019 09:21 AM PST

"Water Damage Restoration in Riverside by America\'s Restoration Pros"

With more than 300 loyal customers to its name, America's Restoration Pros of Riverside got voted the number one water damage restoration company in the area. The company with several branches across California was presented with the accolade because of its unparalleled quality of service and expertise in water damage restoration.

In a recent online survey conducted across the state of California, America's Restoration Pros received the highest number of votes to become the number one restoration company in the state.

"We are extremely happy to hear the news and hope to continue to serve our customers to the best of our capacity!" a spokesperson for the company commented, after the news broke early on Thursday morning.

The company has been involved in the restoration of water damage in houses for quite a few years now. With water damage being a real threat to most houses in California during the time of storms, the company's services have proved to be truly beneficial to the local residents of Riverside.

A very systematic approach when it comes to restoring houses affected by water damage. While storms and floods are not a regular occurrence, leaky pipes, overflowing toilets, damaged roofs etc. cause fair share of headache to most people. America's Restoration Pros, with their service continue to ensure that the houses in Riverside remain free of all the damages that are caused by water.

"Our house was almost in shambles because of a leak in the roof. We could hardly move about without getting water dripping everywhere. Thankfully, due to the prompt service of America's Restoration Pro our roof has been salvaged from further damage." comments James, a resident of Riverside CA.

He further congratulates the company and says that their success is very well deserved.

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America's Restoration Pros are well versed with treating water damages of all kinds. They have an experienced team to deal with water from damaged pipes, flooding of the basements and attics, blocked sewage lines and other leaks. Alongside clearing the water and drying up the place, they are also involved with restoring houses from damages from mold and dew.

One of the reasons for their continued excellence of service is how they communicate with their customers. Through their services they provide an example of the work they do on a regular basis.

Apart from fixing leaks and broken pipes, the services of America's Restoration Pros include eliminating the excess water from people's houses, cleaning up the water damage, carpet cleaning, repairing damages caused by smoke, window board-up services etc. Thus they provide an all round service for repairing all the damages that might arise from water.

The Riverside branch of America's Restoration Pros is one of their numerous branches located all around California, with some situated in other states of the USA as well. With plans to open up new branches, they are in no mood to slow down even after getting the honour of becoming the best restoration company of Riverside.

"We take our job very seriously. Water damage is not just a threat to the house but also to the residents of the house. With so many health hazards being caused due to water damages, our company aims to eliminate those permanently by providing our services to those who need it," remarks Jeffrey Barga, the Vice President of America's Restoration Pros.

Along with being lauded for their thorough service, the company has also been praised because of the methods they employ to restore the houses. Their attention to detail, especially towards the safety of the residents has easily contributed towards making them so popular. Also, their usage of air dehumidifiers to ensure that there is no residual water left on the site of the damage ensures that they are doing a sophisticated job.

Another special point worth of mentioning about their service is their promptness with which they respond. As Mr. Barga elaborates, "we are just a phone call away from you. If you need our services we'll be right there with our team."

The Riverside Branch of America's Restoration Pros is located at an extremely convenient locale, making them easily accessible for everyone.

Thus it is safe to assume that their becoming the number one flood restoration company in Riverside CA is definitely their first stepping stone to becoming the best water damage restoration company in the state of California!

About the company:

America's Restoration Pros of Riverside is a water damage restoration company with branches spread around California and other states of the US. They are an all round solution provider for houses and properties affected by water damage.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Water Damage Restoration Riverside
Contact Person: Jeffrey Barga
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 951-226-0787
Address:7666 Lincoln Ave #4
City: Riverside
State: CA, 92504
Country: United States

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