Amendments to privatise general insurer gets Cabinet green light - The Indian Express

The Union Cabinet has approved amendments to the insurance laws to help facilitate the privatisation of a state-owned general insurance company, a senior Finance Ministry official said on Thursday. The government plans to introduce amendments to the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act in the ongoing Monsoon session of Parliament, the official said. Apart from the privatisation road map, this is one of the key reform proposals unveiled in the Budget. There are four PSU general insurance companies: New India Assurance, United India Insurance (UII), National Insurance Company (NIC) and Oriental Insurance Company (OIC). The government had earlier dropped its plan to merge UII, NIC and OIC and decided to recapitalise them. Besides, the government owns reinsurer General Insurance Corporation (GIC Re). The Finance Ministry, in consultation with the NITI Aayog and a core group of secretaries on disinvestment, will finalise the insurance company that is to be privatised. The en

Professional Mold Removal in Mission Viejo with Initial Mold Inspection at No Cost - Digital Journal

Discount Mold Removal in Mission Viejo now comes with an initial mold inspection at no cost. Mold formation is not only bad for the building but also for the health of the residents. All kinds of commercial, residential, retail buildings, hospitals, and other structures are prone to mold growth due to a variety of reasons. The last thing anyone wants to see is an outbreak of mold and mildew. The Mission Viejo mold removal company helps customers understand the reasons behind the growth. More than 1000 mold species and 100,000 microorganisms are currently found in the country. Made up of tiny spores, mold can spread rapidly and in many different ways because it thrives in low light as well as warm and wet conditions. Discount Mold Removal Mission Viejo Mold inspections & testing in Mission Viejo, CA are conducted to understand what is causing the mold to grow. There are six major factors that contribute to the spread. Mold spores, excess moisture, food source from organic mat

Restoration Home opens in Ellsworth - The Ellsworth American

ELLSWORTH — With an aged tennis court in its backyard and a rental apartment attached, the new Restoration Home at 368 State St. has six bedrooms, one for each resident. That's a major change from the two-bedroom apartment the six men shared before moving into the new residence. Restoration Homes, which operates under the nonprofit umbrella of Resurrection Life Center church in the Mill Mall, purchased the former home of Mary Linnehan last month after months of searching for the right property. Church leaders had stepped back from a donated home outside of Ellsworth last year because of the community's negative response. "We didn't want to give up," said Pastor Daniel Stewart. "We just believed that God had something better for us." A church leader brought the Linnehan property to Stewart's attention. "Of course, my first concern was the price because it definitely wasn't in our price range," Stewart said. "We just took wha

Best water and fire damage restoration services in Chicago, IL - Chicago Reader

Water and fire damage are two of the most common potential hazards to your home or business. Fire or water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a matter of seconds, and it can all be completely unexpected. We're going to take you through the best water and fire damage restoration services in the Chicago area. These companies can take action to get the situation under control before it gets worse. Top Water and Fire Damage Restoration Companies in Chicago, IL: 1. Courtesy Restoration Services click to enlarge Details

Mold or Mildew? - The Bee

Early indications are that this summer we will be experiencing a very busy monsoon season in the upper Colorado River Valley. Aside from pockets of torrential rains that transform dry washes into rivers, this means afternoons with higher than normal humidity. And higher humidity means that conditions are ideal for the growth of mildew and mold. There are similarities between mold and mildew. Both thrive in moist, warm areas. In the right conditions both can grow on most any surface. Both mold and mildew can cause extensive damage. And both of these fungi can pose health risks. But there the similarities end. Mildew often is identifiable by patches of gray or dirty white. on a moist surface area. Mold is often a fuzzy looking black or green coverage over a large area. Of the two it is mold in its various forms that is the most serious. Mildew can often be cleaned with off the shelf products and a scrub brush. Mold is seldom merely a surface issue. Often the problem can be mu

Binghamton Dry Cleaning Building Cleaned Out a Year After Fire -

Plastic-covered clothing was still hanging in a storage room almost 14 months after a blaze put a Binghamton dry-cleaning shop out of business. Crescent Cleaners had operated at 40 Clinton Street in the city's First Ward for seven decades before the May 2020 fire. Workers from Northeast Property Restoration have started cleaning out the interior of the building, removing commercial cleaning equipment and customers' clothing that was left behind. The crew working at the site wore protective suits and took frequent breaks as they coped with the extremely warm conditions on Wednesday. The cleanup job is expected to take about two weeks to completed. Binghamton's Crescent Cleaners: The End of an Era in the First Ward Contact WNBF News reporter Bob Joseph:  or (607) 772-8400 extension 233. For breaking news and updates on developing stories, follow  @BinghamtonNow   on Twitter. LOOK: Route 66's quirkiest and most wonderful at

Restoration work on flood damaged Miller County Courthouse could begin soon - Texarkana Gazette

TEXARKANA, Ark. — With asbestos removal inside the Miller County Courthouse being completed for nearly two months, restoration work on the building's flood-damaged interior could start next month. County officials are hoping to have a plan within the next two weeks, hammered out between the county's courthouse architect and the county's insurance firm, as to what water damages insurance funds will cover, said Miller County Judge's Office Administrative Assistant Carla Jenkins. Back in February, a severe winter ice and snow storm froze the courthouse's water pipes in the fifth floor former jail area. The resulting expanded ice inside the water lines, burst the pipes, causing all of the building's five floors to suffer water damaged. Meanwhile, Jenkins said historic restoration of the courthouse's fifth floor roof finished about a week ago, following about two year's work which was paid for by roughly $200,000 worth of state historic preservation g